Thursday, October 2, 2008

Music of the Week


We're just like a couple of MAVERICKS full of ENERGY! With the sound of music in our minds, we are JET SET RADIO! And there's no debate needed for our JSRevolution!

It's time for another Music of the Week, and this is a new band that I had the great pleasure of watching live at this year's KFMA Fall Ball. From the great city of Los Angeles, I give you Drive A!

Hailing from Southern California, the members of DRIVE A have come together to forge a killer mix of pounding drums, lethal guitars, cascading bass lines and fierce vocals that converge to create a sound that pays respect to the past, stands up to the present and will kick down the door to the future. A switchblade to the soft, white underbelly of today's watered-down state of music, DRIVE A are pure, raw energy - on stage and in the studio - which is, after all, what Rock 'N' Roll has always been about.

Lead singer and guitarist Bruno Mascolo started off teaching himself his favorite songs on guitar, but his ambition reached well beyond merely playing what someone else has written. “It’s cool to learn how to play those songs, but the point of being an artist is playing your own music,” says Drive A’s main songwriter.

“I’d hear other kids talking about bands, or I’d watch TV and they would say something about Green Day or AC/DC and eventually I’d check them out,” Bruno remembers. “What I found was really cool and I liked those bands a lot more than mainstream pop-rock.”

Drive A got its start when Bruno hooked up with rhythm guitarist Jason Nott and the two began developing their own style and a bond was formed. Once they honed their approach, the two hooked up with Ashton Moio on bass and Terry Stirling on drums. With all the pieces in place, the four began writing songs that had a remarkably developed blend of killer riffs, punk rock hooks, and a raw, Rock ‘N’ Roll gutter-snarl.

Here's a short clip of Drive A:

For more about Drive A, check out their MySpace.

And that's it for this session! I'll see you all in one week! This is the JSRevolution, and we're Shaping The Future With Music!

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