Saturday, December 27, 2008

Music of the Week


You can try to shut us down, but the electricity of the soul of the street gives us more than enough power to keep coming back! We are the ones calling down the thunder... JET SET RADIO! And this is the JSRevolution!

So did you miss us? Well, things have been getting pretty busy around here, as we're getting ready for the new year. Along with debuting a new look, we will have the first mix of the new year, called the "Street Soul Mix"! This special mix will feature a lot of new and upcoming artists, along with a few that you may have heard of, to give you that special feeling about what it's like to have your voice heard. Expect it to be up next week, when we do our first post of 2009!

Now, to conclude this year, we bring to you our last Music of the Week of 2008. This band comes from Tucson, AZ, and this band has a really cool sound. I present to you: Mozart's Sister!

"In Tucson’s alternative rock music scene, dominated by male-fronted bands, Mozart’s Sister provides a breath of fresh air. This rockin’ power trio is nestled somewhere in that sweet spot between female-fronted 90’s alternative rock bands like Belly and Juliana Hatfield, and 80’s pop-rock like the Pretenders and the Motels." - Don Jennings, KXCI

For more information on Mozart's Sister, check out their website and their MySpace.

Oh, don't think we're done yet! We have yet another band for you all! As an added bonus, here's a band from Los Angeles, CA with a very ambient sound. Let's hear it for Lillian's Rose!

Lillian's Rose sprang from the imagination, heart, and efforts of Musician/Song writer Christopher Valentino and Singer/Songwriter Kristine Hawkins. The two artists met in 1999 while performing live in the Orlando music scene.

It wasn't until the summer of 2005 when Chris and Kristine reunited and started collaborating on a project that would eventually evolve into Lillian's Rose. They cultivated melodies, harmonies, and rhythms they felt emanated from a true expression of their combined individuality. In December of 2006 their dedication and perseverance culminated in the completion of their self- produced CD, 11:11.

Lillian's Rose is currently hard at work bringing their music to the stage. With a strong attitude, professionalism, heart and will to succeed, Lillian's Rose continues on their journey to become an influential creative force in the world of music.

For more information on Lillian's Rose, visit their website and their MySpace.

Well, that's it for this year. We hope to see you guys again back in 2009! Keep on blasting those tunes into the new year, be safe, and above all: SHAPE THE FUTURE WITH MUSIC! This is the JSRevolution, over and out!