Saturday, January 10, 2009

Drive A Street Team Promotion!


In a crimson flash, we're the blood that keeps the heart of the streets alive! We're the one, the only JET SET RADIO! And this is the JSRevolution!

Welcome to the first ever post of 2009! Hope you all survived your New Year's Eve! Well, we don't have a new Music of the Week this time around, but I do have some awesome news: yours truly has been selected as the leader of the Drive A Arizona Street Team!


Featured in a previous Music of the Week, here's a quick synopsis of the band:
Hailing from Southern California, the members of DRIVE A have come together to forge a killer mix of pounding drums, lethal guitars, cascading bass lines and fierce vocals that converge to create a sound that pays respect to the past, stands up to the present and will kick down the door to the future. A switchblade to the soft, white underbelly of today's watered-down state of music, DRIVE A are pure, raw energy - on stage and in the studio - which is, after all, what Rock 'N' Roll has always been about.

If you want to be part of the Drive A Arizona Street Team, head over to and I'll add you on! If you hail from another state, go to Drive A's MySpace for more information! And make sure you tell them the JSRevolution sent you!

That's it for us this week. Until then, keep Shaping The Future With Music!